If the ancient rocks could talk, they would tell stories of love and admiration. On her peaks, people are truly themselves.  The mystic l wild scenic landscapes and terrains have a way of bringing out the soul, combining body and mind with the undeniably thrilling nature.  You are on top of the world!

Reputed as the highest National Park in the world and a UNSECO National Wild Heritage site, Mt. Kenya National Park makes one of the most memorable mount climbing experiences in Africa. Every year, hundreds of people come to interact with nature here. Taking nature walks, hiking and camping in mountains wonderful and scenic landscapes are undeniably thrilling. Her slopes are impressively carpeted with mosaic rock, alpine flora and fauna that make every moment you spend here simply hedonistic.

For many climbers, the destination is mostly undeterred, her ice crowned towers of Lenana, standing at 4,985 meters and Batain at 5, 199m. Some people take the climb in 3 days while others up to 5 days. However long you choose to take, the majestic sceneries and naturally sweetened air will be refreshing experiences.

 The peaks can be accessed from different routes. However, an ascent from Sirimon and descend via the Chogoria routes make the most breathtaking sceneries of fauna and flora.  The Sirimon route has the best acclimatization and altitude gains, allowing your body to ease up to the lowering levels of oxygen as you move higher grounds. The path starts from the northwest section of Mt.Kenya, cutting through Liki North, Old Moses Camp and Shipton’s Camp and finally gifting you the Lenana point.  It cuts across the Mackinders and Sirimon valleys which make the climb both challenging and exciting.  It also gives you a chance to visit the hauseberg tarns.  Once at the peak, you experience a surging moment of joy and accomplishment. The mount gives you a chance to let go and reunite with your soul. Some say it feels like a sacred altar made for man to find himself!

Descending through Chogoria route charms your way through the Gorges Valley, down towards the crystal Lakes of Michaelson, Ellis and Nithi Falls. You can then stop at the Mount Meru Bandas hotel for a rejuvenating hot shower and comfortable night’s rest, before proceeding further to the foot.  

The trek is highlighted by animal and bird sighting.  Mt. Kenya foggy mystic forest is home to the Africa Big Five including elephants, buffalo, lion, cheetah and leopard. It is also a sanctuary to the exotic bongo, suni, zebra and giant forest hogs. Experiencing them in their natural habitat is a feeling unmatched.  

Besides climbing, this extinct volcano mountain park is rich with biodiversity and offers the most spectacular natural walk experience at the foothills. When here be sure to enjoy horseback riding, canoes riding and a visit to the William Holden Animal Orphanage.

Bird watchers are also rewarded with over 130 recorded species including the hunter’s cisticola, cinnamon-chested bee-eater, Jackson’s francolin and many more. 

The spectacle of life at Mt. Kenya is simply unparalleled!