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The cost of visiting a Maasai village

Discover the True Cost of Visiting a Maasai Village

Exploring the unique customs and culture of the Maasai tribe is an exciting opportunity, but it’s important to understand the cost of visiting a Maasai Village beforehand. This article delves into the factors that impact the cost of visiting a … Read More

Cost of Visiting Crescent Island

What is the Cost of Visiting Crescent Island, Naivasha?

Crescent Island is a private wildlife sanctuary located in Naivasha, Kenya. The cost of visiting Crescent Island in Naivasha, is quite reasonable and offers excellent value for money. The entrance fee for the island is USD 30 per person, which … Read More

Cost of visiting Reteti Elephant Sanctuary

A Guide to Cost of Visiting Reteti Elephant Sanctuary

Deep in the heart of Kenya’s Samburu region lies a hidden gem, a sanctuary where majestic elephants roam free, nurtured, and protected by a dedicated team of conservationists. Reteti Elephant Sanctuary is where visitors can experience the awe-inspiring beauty of … Read More

Cost of a Holiday in Diani

What is the Cost of a Holiday in Diani?

Are you dreaming of white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and palm trees swaying in the breeze? If so, a holiday in Diani, Kenya might be just what you’re looking for. But what is the cost of a holiday in … Read More

Cost of the Nairobi Orphanage

What is the Cost of the Nairobi Orphanage Tour?

Are you interested in learning about and supporting the care and conservation of Kenya’s wildlife? A tour of the Nairobi animal orphanage is a great way to do both, and we’ve got all the details on the cost of the … Read More

Masai Mara Entrance Charges

What are the Masai Mara Entrance Charges?

Are you ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime? The beautiful Masai Mara National Reserve is calling your name! This article will provide all the information about the Masai mara entrance charges, including special rates for residents and … Read More

The Entrance Charges of Kenya's National Parks in 2023

The Entrance Charges of Kenya’s National Parks in 2023

In this article, we will be discussing the entrance charges of Kenya’s national parks in 2023. Kenya is a country located in East Africa that is known for its rich and diverse natural beauty, including its vast savannas, rugged mountains, … Read More

Masai Mara Walking Safari

Everything about the Masai Mara Walking Safari

If you’re planning a walking safari to the Masai Mara, you’re in for a treat! At the cost of USD 466 per person sharing per night, you’ll get the chance to explore the savannah on foot and get up close … Read More

What is the Cost of a Flying Safari to Amboseli?

What is the Cost of a Flying Safari to Amboseli?

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure in the breathtaking landscape of Amboseli National Park? A flying safari in Amboseli offers the opportunity to experience the breathtaking beauty of this region from a bird’s eye view as you … Read More

What is the Cost of a Kenyan Safari

What is the Cost of a Kenyan Safari

Kenya safaris are awesome, and everyone wants to go on one. But what is the cost of a Kenyan safari? The cheapest 3-day, 2-night shared safari to Kenya includes park fees, two nights’ lodging, and transportation in a land cruiser. … Read More