What makes a Kenyan Luxury Safari?

What makes a Kenyan luxury Safari

Going on a luxury safari is indeed an exceptional experience that you will remember for a lifetime. An adventure beyond your wildest dreams, so to speak. You may be wondering what makes a Kenyan luxury safari.  In this article we lay out the factors that determine a Kenyan luxury safari.

The factors include;

1. Lavish Accommodation

With luxury accommodations – either extravagant lodges or lavish tented camps – guaranteed to be set on the best spots of the park, you will be right in the heart of the Kenyan wilderness where the action is.

Of course, you will have that tasteful sense of exclusivity, too. But you know what else? Fine amenities – comfortable beds that are huge and adorned with plush linens.

An ensuite bath that features Western-style toilets, hot showers, and bathtubs; huge vanities and complete toiletry paraphernalia; and a private veranda that looks out into a stunning view of the iconic Kenyan bush. You can even enjoy wifi connection, round-the-clock electricity, and even have your own butler to serve your every need!

There are superb dining options when in a luxury safari. Welcome drinks and complimentary champagne are typical but apart from those are other unique dining options including bush dinners or breakfasts, picnics in the wild and even barbecue.

If you’re on a romantic getaway, say perhaps a honeymoon, you can also let the crew arrange an intimate candlelight dinner for you and your loved one! Depending on your request, fine wines, liquor or champagne may also be served.

Luxury Safaris in Kenya include meals during your entire stay, from breakfast to lunch to tea time to dinner. Food selection may range from local to international cuisine, all prepared by expert chefs ready to provide delectable gastronomic feasts.

If you have any special dietary restrictions, you may inform the facility ahead of time so they could accommodate your needs, if available. Typically, breakfasts and dinners are served buffet style.

Lunches, on the other hand, are done as picnics between your game drives. Pancakes, pasta, chicken, fruits, salads, stews and white bread sandwiches are staple food choices.


Luxury comes with getting to you destination fast without the exhaustion that comes with travel. In a luxury safari, you move from one park to another using charter planes.

Travel time by air between the national parks in Kenya would take you a maximum of an hour.

Being in a luxury safari in Kenya means your custom-designed private safari vehicles are armed with superlative amenities and features. From huge windows and pop-up roofs to huge leg space.

The Luxury rides have charging ports to complete emergency kits and comfortable seats. These customized 4WDs are designed to endure rugged or dust-ridden landscapes while ensuring utmost comfort, safety and superb wilderness experience.

Type of Safari – Private Safari

Kenya private Safari departing from either Nairobi or Mombasa is normally the best. You can choose on the dates you prefer to go on the safari tour.

You can decide on what vehicle you would prefer to use. Be it Safari Minivan or Landcruiser jeep. With a private safari, the safari cost is slightly higher.

The cost depends on the number of people you are. The fewer you are the more costly it becomes. A safari trip becomes more expensive when you are one person on a private safari.

The price of one person in a vehicle (Solo Safari) is almost double the price of 2 persons in a vehicle.


There are private conservancies in Kenya that gives you the experience of a public national park with a private feel.

If you a person who abhors crowds, then private conservancies would be a great choice. Private conservancies have special treats and experiences. For instance you can enjoy nature walks, night game drives, horse riding safari, etc.

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