The Cost of a Balloon Safari in Kenya

The Cost of a Balloon Safari in Kenya

Flights in a hot air balloon are unforgettable adventures that offer spectacular views. If you’ve ever wished for a calm, peaceful flight in minimal or no wind, this is your chance. However, you may wonder how much money you would need for this Kenyan balloon safari. The cost of a balloon safari in Kenya is $450.

The smooth ascent and descent of balloons afford unobstructed views of the surrounding scenery. One of life’s greatest pleasures is ballooning over picturesque landscapes (while possibly raising a glass of champagne to the experience).

And when it comes to romance, a hot air balloon ride is the kind of special event that could lead to a marriage proposal. Imagine asking her to marry you as you fly over beautiful scenery with gorgeous views.

What is Hot Air Balloon Safari and How do they Work

Hot air balloons are just big fabric bags full of heated air. A burner heats the air, making the balloon rise into the sky.

You can steer a balloon in any direction by changing the height of the flame and where the vents are on the balloon. They have a gondola, more often called the “basket,” that can hold up to 12 people.

A hot air balloon needs gas burners to work. They are used to make the gas that makes the balloon rise into the sky.

There are many kinds of gas burners, each with its special features. Burners are made to work with propane and come with a regulator that lets you change the height of the flame and how much heat it puts out.

Burners have a fully automated ignition system that makes it easy to light a flame.

The Cost of a Balloon Safari in Kenya

The cost of hot-air balloon rides is fairly high, with conservation fees making up a sizable chunk of the cost. Masai Mara and Amboseli are two destinations in Kenya where you can have a balloon safari experience. A hot air balloon ride starts at $450 for each participant.

The Cost of a Balloon Safari in Kenya

One reason for this high price is that balloons have a limited lifespan and must be replaced after a specific number of hours. After about 850 flight hours, a balloon is considered out of function, and a replacement balloon must be purchased to maintain passenger safety.

The price of hot air balloon rides also includes the cost of fuel and labor to operate the balloon. The crew comprises six crew members, a professional balloon pilot, and ten people who work behind the scenes with rescue trucks, transfers, and backup operations.

Similar to other types of aircraft, a pilot’s license is required to operate a hot air balloon. The same theoretical tests must be passed, and a predetermined number of training hours are required.

Like their fixed-wing counterparts, balloon pilots maintain log books, perform pre-flight inspections, and keep an eye on the weather for safe flying. Additionally, the balloon pilots have international experience and extensive professional training.

Various companies in Kenya operate hot air balloons built to hold a specified number of passengers. There is the option of

  • 16 people
  • 12 people
  • Eight people
  • Four people (This option is ideal for couples that prefer privacy, such as honeymooners or photography/film teams.)

The basket is built with distinct compartments, each with seats. There are four people allocated to each compartment.

Usually, passengers on hot air balloons must be at least three years old. Although there does not appear to be a weight limit for individual passengers, some balloon operators prefer you notify them if you weigh more than 250 pounds.

Highlights of a Hot Air Balloon Safari

Kenyan hot air balloon safaris normally leave around sunrise, so guests should get up between 4 am and 5 am. The freedom and pleasure that comes with soaring above the African plains, though, is well and fully worth it.

Your excitement will grow as your guide takes you to the balloon launch location. The balloon crew will fill your balloon and set up everything for takeoff while you enjoy your hot beverage.

After filling the balloon and climbing into the basket beneath it, your pilot will brief you before releasing it.

The balloon will softly ascend into the sky as the sun rises, showcasing a stunning color display of fiery reds and golds.

  • View the Big 5, including lions, elephants, and African buffaloes, for a new perspective on these remarkable animals and their migration patterns.
  • Experience¬†a once-in-lifetime balloon safari experience¬†as you hover above the plains, forests, and rivers.
  • Private tour guide in English and other languages
  • Enjoy a champagne-style breakfast in the bush
  • After that, there are optional guided walks with experienced guides.

Because the hot air ballooning team prioritizes safety, your flight may be canceled if weather conditions are unfavorable. You’ll be scheduled for a later flight as soon as it’s feasible if this occurs. Your payment will be refunded if this is not possible.


Balloon safaris are a beautiful and evocative way to experience Kenya’s wilderness in the early morning as you gracefully and softly sail over the plains overflowing with herds of wildlife.

This once-in-a-lifetime balloon safari experience in Kenya is well worth it, with tourists getting a bird’s-eye view of the spectacular wildlife, terrain, and fauna from above on a calm trip that will never be forgotten.

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